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May 14, 201308:37 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Harbour Island

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I did some information gathering and learned that a water taxi from the government dock in Spanish Wells over to Jean's Bay on North Eleuthera was $4 each. Then, a taxi for 10 miles to Three Island dock was $25 one way. Then, another water taxi over to Dunmore was going to be $5 each. You do the math.

Taking the boat over would require a pilot. Even the experienced folks around here suggest it. Then, we had to think about coming back, as our trip south would require it The alternative of taking the dinghy on at least a 10 mile cruise was out of the question, as the winds have picked up considerably out of the north and breakers would be pounding the Devils Backbone. So, we decided, since we had to leave the dinghy somewhere, we would take it the two miles or so over to Jean's Bay to the water taxi dock over there, and then grab a taxi to the Three Island dock for a water taxi ride to Dunmore. And you thought this life was easy.

We tied up at the dock at Jean's Bay and got a call in for a taxi. We quickly got picked up by David in cab 146 and then found out the price wasn't $25, but $30. Remember what I was saying earlier? Still, when you think about a 10-mile cab ride for two people, and at the price of fuel around here, the charge is fair.

We jumped in a waiting water taxi with some other folks and were soon in Dunmore Town.

It was encouraged by the water taxi folks that we rent a golf cart in order to explore Harbour Island, but we wanted to have lunch and have a couple of beers, so I couldn't justify paying $20 per hour for a golf cart so it could sit guarding a parking spot while we ate lunch. A lot of cruisers visit the touristy spots, like churches and nature areas. We think that's funny.

Valentine's Marina is where we would've liked to have lunch, but dogs were not allowed. I don't blame them, the place was ritzy as hell, but at noon, they only had two customers.

We found a nice deli with outside seating, and pets were allowed. I certainly hope so; two women at the table next to us had a newborn baby, and they actually set its bottom on the table! Horrid.

After this photo, Holly settled in to Rosie's lap and didn't make a peep. She was basically enthralled with the bugs scooting along the floor. Meanwhile, the baby at the table next to us was breast fed (mildly interesting), but then both women took turns trying to make the critter "burp," which means "barf" no matter how you say it.

I had an oven roasted turkey sandwich with Applewood bacon, provolone and avacado on one of the freshest buns I've ever had. Rosie had a California Wrap, which was vegan, but it really looked good, and Rosie said it was delicious. We both say this was the best meal we've had (off the boat) since we've been in the Bahamas, and we don't know the name of the restaurant!

After lunch, the wind was out of our sails, so we headed back. A quick water taxi ride, a quick taxi ride and we were back to our waiting unlocked dinghy at the water taxi dock in Jean's Bay.

Once back to the boat, I put the dinghy back on the davits and we read our books and had a nap before the wind picked up again and a storm threatened.

Rosie started dinner, and I started this blog. Seemed like a good thing to do. We'll pay Bandit in the morning for last night's mooring, and tonight's, but at mid-day tomorrow when the tide is up, we'll unhook from our mooring ball and get fuel over at Ronald's Service Center, and then we'll point our bow south and follow the Eleuthera Island chain as far as it takes us, at least for a few miles, anyway.

Rosie calls and dinner is ready. We're having oven roasted breaded pork chops, steamed corn and garlic butter rice. Can't wait.

I thought this was going to be a quick blog entry today.

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