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May 7, 201308:46 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Reflecting on One Year of Cruising

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One year of living on the boat was celebrated on April 20, but we didn't leave St. Louis until May 8 of last year. It was my birthday, and what a way to celebrate a birthday!

I'm now a year older, and I think I'm a bit wiser, as far as cruising and living on a boat goes, anyway.

Rosie and I've faced a few challenges in the last year, but we've met them and have overcome them. We're in no worse health than we were a year ago, and the boat is no worse for wear, either. In fact, the boat runs better than it did a year ago. But it hasn't been without a lot of work. Rust is a constant issue, but much better and more expensive yachts share the same problem. It's said that stainless doesn't mean stainfree. Everything on the boat works as it should (except for the generator, but that will be fixed today), and even our one Bora fan started working again, right out of the blue. Keeping our little city operating at 100 percent is a primary goal of ours.

We checked some numbers and found that we've spent a tad over $12,000 for fuel since we left St. Louis. We also spent $4,000 to stay at marinas. A-B Marina in Key West was over half of that, though. Like they say, we wasted the rest, but we've been able to overcome some minor debt we carried with us upon leaving St. Louis, keep the boat maintained, and even save some bucks for upcoming surprises. This lifestyle has been affordable for us.

We miss our friends and family at times, anyone would. There's a fairly long list of friends that have visited us in the course of the year, and we've been able to meet up with friends in Florida that we haven't seen in years. We expect to be able to meet up with more friends as time goes by, once we get "settled" some, and can predict our whereabouts a little easier.

We're still both enthusiastic about our adventures. I do get overwhelmed at times about the responsibility of getting us where we need to be, and keeping the boat safe and operating properly. There are lots of decisions to be made, and I make them, and I won't allow anyone to second guess anything I decide to do. Of course, we run into all sorts of other boaters who have the right idea about everything. I resist telling others what they should do, but rather just relay our story and they can decide what works for them.

Rosie and I've both learned some things about each other that we didn't know, none of them are deal breakers, but were a little surprising. It would serve no purpose to go into them here, but even with our 37 years together, we still don't know everything about each other. Not sure if we want to find out more, though. Who knew Rosie was a man?

There's been lots of rain here all week, and southern Florida has had lots of rain, too. Because of the rain, the generator part we need didn't get picked up from the Westerbeke dealer in West Palm Beach until Thursday. All FedEx packages then go to Memphis for sorting, and ours did, too, then got sent back to southern Florida to get flown to the Bahamas. Severe weather on Friday got our package routed to Freeport instead of Marsh Harbour. We're supposed to get it today.

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