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May 7, 201308:46 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Reflecting on One Year of Cruising

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Someone asked me how Marsh Harbour is: In the photo you can see the one traffic light there is. But the hardware store is one of three, and all three are stocked with just about anything a person might need. Every service you could want is here, too, but there are no quaint little streets like in New Plymouth, or like we expect to see in Hope Town. Most of the thoroughfares are dusty and filled with potholes. This is a bustling city compared to the sleepy island towns that we like.

Harbour View Marina is home to a shuttle service that takes the rich and famous out to Baker's Bay on Guana Cay. The 77-foot Lymon-Morse yacht in the photo is a charter vessel used to take some of the larger groups over to Guana. There are also two Hinckleys used as well, a 36- and a 40-footer. All vessels are kept in pristine condition. The Lyman-Morse is currently for sale for a mere $2.4 million. Who wants it? It's nine years old. 

On Sunday, Rosie and I took the dinghy out to explore. We found some pretty beaches nearby, and around on the other side of Marsh Harbour are some nice homes and resorts. Most folks around here go to Nippers, a beach bar on Guana Cay. Some folks we met at the pool asked us to join them for the weekend on the hook near Nippers, but we stayed here at Harbour View and went again to Snappas next door for Cinco De Mayo and had a good time.

Besides the generator part issue, we've had some other problems. Our Internet service was interrupted on our MiFi device because of a mix-up on the part of AT&T, but we got that resolved after a few phone calls.

We've also exceeded the 40 minutes allowed on our International calling plan due to a lengthy phone call regarding payment by our medical provider to the health clinic in Marathon, where I got my physical last month. Using the MagicJack Internet phone service hasn't been the answer; if the connection isn't top notch, the phone calls are of poor quality. These little problems are magnified when phone service, or Internet service, is poor. We get used to those luxuries when we are in the U.S.

We should be heading to Hope Town in the morning, only seven miles away. The weather should cooperate for the next week, so we can travel through the cays to the Little Harbour Cut and then cross nearly 50 miles over to the Eleuthera Islands, first stop being Spanish Wells.

But like I've said, Harbour View Marina isn't a bad place to hang out for a while. I just said to Rosie yesterday when we were lounging around the pool that we should consider coming here for vacation some time.

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