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Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

May 2014


Goin' Mobile

This post isn't about that great Who song, it's about friends finding ways to come down to see us here in Key West, and us keeping our options open regarding finding ways to transport our small inventory of possessions. You might have seen our solution as to how we transport our Yuba cargo bicycle on Swing Set on a previous post. We haven't had our Boda Boda onboard since we got here to Stock Island Marina Village, but we can get it stowed safely away in a matter of minutes. Hurricane preparation has been weighing on my mind recently, not too heavily, I might add, but I like to have a plan. What has complicated our plan was the acquisition of our Yamaha Zuma scooter. We have full coverage insurance on the Zuma, but leaving it locked on land in the event...

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The Sound Of Music

Our friend Jackie came for a whirlwind two-day visit a couple of weeks ago. She drove down from Naples, where she is going to establish residence there and start life anew after leaving Missouri. We were able to get out on the dinghy before a pretty good storm blew up on us, but overnight the skies cleared, so we could spend the afternoon in the pool at Dante's. We needed quite a bit of rest after she left on Monday morning, something that seems to be required after all of our friends leave us. The last time we had Swing Set out, we discovered that our stereo was not working properly. I fiddled around with the wiring (never a good idea) and got one part of the problem fixed, but then we discovered another one. We know a local marine electrician, Bill deSeve,...

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