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Nov 22, 201210:34 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Happy Thanksgiving

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Before I get started on the subject of today's holiday, let me recap the week.

Last Sunday, Gary and Judy came with us on Swing Set to look for our anchor one last time. The tide was at its lowest point when we attached our grappling hook to the stern of and began dragging it behind. My plan was to make ever widening concentric circles around the perceived spot where I thought the anchor might be. I immediately was confronted with a problem that put an end to our search. The depth had a high degree of variability, and I was churning up sea bottom in some areas as shallow as three and a half feet. The anchor was not worth us running aground, and I didn't feel like lowering the dinghy to search with it. Instead, we fired up the grill and made lunch.

We stayed until nearly sunset and then dropped Gary and Judy back at their condo for one last good bye until we see them again, no doubt before they head back north next spring. We had business to attend to on Monday morning, and Gary offered to take us by car, but it was time to get back into our "car-less" mode.

On Monday morning, we took Holly to the vet for her follow-up visit after taking antibiotics for two weeks for her supposed bladder infection. We were supposed to have a urine sample ready for the clinic to examine, but Holly did not cooperate. Rosie had carried her the whole way to the veterinary clinic, so she would have some pee to produce, but the vet said that Holly "had nothing in her bladder," so she couldn't examine a specimen to check for the existence of an infection. On our last visit, the vet reported Holly's weight at 6.25 pounds, so when she weighed Holly in at 5.95 pounds and then remarked how she is doing better by virtue of some weight gain, I smelled bullshit.

Rosie was unfazed at the gaff, but I said, "Wait a minute, let's back up."

"Holly has actually lost more than a quarter of a pound, how can you say she has had a weight gain?" I asked. The vet ignored my comment and proceeded to commence with a professional-appearing examination, ending it with a suggestion that we come back in the next day and see if we didn't need an x-ray to check for "urine crystals."

"We won't be coming back tomorrow," I said. "We'll keep an eye on her and take her to another vet in another town if she exhibits any more symptoms of infection." It's times like these when you realize a veterinarian you can trust is more important that your own doctor. Tara and Lorraine can't be nearby constantly. My doubts about this vet were confirmed when shortly after we left, Holly produced a big pee spot on the sidewalk. "Nothing in her bladder," my butt.

We headed back to the dinghy, first stopping by the plumbing supply, where we dropped off our small propane tank to be filled. We then dropped into the Cuban grocery to stock up on fresh meat. I also wanted to stock up on a good supply of "chicarones," or fried pork rinds. They usually have them at the meat counter, but they were out. The only ones better are the ones my dad makes at home in the oven. There are no dogs running free in my dad's neighborhood.

Jim, a condo owner in Bimini Basin, took this picture of Swing Set while we were gone on our mission. Soon after, we had pulled up anchor and were on our way after a five-week stay in Cape Coral, the longest we have stayed anywhere since we left St. Louis last May. We'll miss Gary and Judy, but we have wanderlust in our bones and it's easy to be spoiled by them. We avoided another round of tearful goodbyes by slipping out on Monday without seeing them. Thanks again Gary and Judy!

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