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Nov 22, 201210:34 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Happy Thanksgiving

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While Rosie did some business on the phone, I took the dinghy over to the City Dock and filled out the paperwork for our stay in the Crayton Cove Mooring Field and actually got away without Deb calling the cops.

We are actually on the other side of the Naples Yacht Club from the City Docks. There is one line of docks that comprise the Yacht Club, and as you can see, there is an abundance of fine vessels in this yacht club. We sat in the cockpit and waited for the sun to set, and in the meantime, the local dolphins really gave us a show, jumping five and six feet into the air around the boat. I'd have taken a picture, but they don't announce their jumps and are too fast. Just think Busch's Gardens.

Yesterday, we lounged over breakfast and then took the dinghy sightseeing. We went over to Tin City and found a place to tie up at the MarineMax facility next door. Then, we walked over to Fifth Avenue, the trendy street here in South Naples.

Here's a view looking west down Fifth Avenue. The streets are squeaky clean, and there were no panhandlers to be seen . I'm not sure the area is as affluent as they lay claim to, just look how old that white car is on the left. Must be a beater.

Holly pranced beside us on our walk, and she received lots of smiles and compliments. She was wearing her sailboat neckerchief and took everything in stride. We finished what we considered a thorough tour of the street, but nothing there appealed to us in the way of places to have lunch. That means a hamburger was running over $14.

We got into the dinghy, motored back to Crayton Cove and pulled into The Dock to have lunch. We knew we could have a better meal on the boat, but we wanted to experience Naples just a little bit, if only it was for a high-priced lunch. One thing we have learned is that the more blue-collar sounding the name of a restaurant is, the higher the prices.

The Dock welcomes dogs, they even have a "Yappy Hour." But it wasn't Yappy Hour yet, so we were seated out on the patio away from most patrons. Rosie ordered fish tacos, and I ordered fish and chips. Holly made do with a bowl of water. Holly behaved herself for the most part, until a passing waiter or customer would stop and remark on how cute she was. Then, as they would attempt a discreet exit, she would bark at them like a dog possessed.

We were finishing up our lunch, that with a couple of Bud Lights, wound up costing more than our stay in the mooring field was going to cost us for four days, but for the most part it was enjoyable, being dockside to several vessels moored there. Rosie and I looked at each other as we got a whiff of "boat holding tank" as two patrons just entering the patio asked the server what "that smell was." We got a chuckle as the waitress tried to tell these people that the odor was the smell of hamburgers cooking. We knew better, and wondered how the waitress thought that telling customers that the cooking there at The Dock smelled like shit was a good thing.

It was late afternoon by the time we took a cruise around the area in the dinghy and made it back to the boat. We read our books for a while, and I took a nice nap, even though Holly kept waking me up, barking at the empty mooring balls in Crayton Cove. Neither one of us had any desire for dinner after the lunch we had eaten, so we relaxed in the cockpit and watched another sunset in Naples. Rosie has a desire to see more of Naples, but honestly, I've had enough, but we've decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner here today and do some more sightseeing on Friday. We'll stay here Friday night and make our way to Marco Island on Saturday, taking the inside route through the mangroves.

We have a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving. We are both retired, we have divested ourselves from most of our possessions and have secured our financial future, such as it is. We miss our friends but have regular communication with them and our families, too. We really feel like people care about what we are doing, and care about us, too, by virtue of the ongoing requests to keep up the blog. Being in the thoughts of others is our only chance at immortality, the way I see it, so we'll try to make an impression when we can, good or bad.

We received the best compliment yesterday; a co-worker informed us, as to his upcoming retirement next year, that he and his girlfriend were going to live in their newly purchased condo in Destin. He went on to say that we were an inspiration to many of the other workers left there at the beer factory; that realizing one's dreams after retirement like we are doing was indeed possible. This makes us feel really good.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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