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Nov 27, 201208:09 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Keewadin and Little Marco Islands

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We had gotten some mail at St. Brenden's; some we shredded, but one important document that arrived there was our vessel documentation certificate. We had to find a location to have the mail forwarded to, but we couldn't find a post office or other similar facility in Marco Island to have the letter sent to. I wound up calling a local marina, and we arranged to have the letter sent there in care of the nice girl who worked there, even though we had no intention of staying. In a couple of days, we're going to need to take on water, so that will require us to motor over to Marco Island proper. Our letter should be at the marina by then. We are amazed at how accommodating people are when you talk very nice to them. I should have been using this method a long time ago.

Today, we plan on doing some waxing, something that we'll always need to do. Tthe ongoing chore to keep Swing Set looking nice isn't an easy task. We hope we can stay on top of it. After that, we're going to take the dinghy over to the beach. There is a "burger boat" that pulls up every day, and we're going to have our lunch from there today. We learned from Fritz and Mark that this anchorage and beach is "the place to be" in the summer months, something we'll keep in mind if we decide to get a slip somewhere next summer, when it gets too hot and we need to plug in to shore power for air conditioning.

But it's too early to decide these things. Every place we go to seems better to us than the last place, so who knows where we'll wind up by next summer? Right now, this is the place we want to be.

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