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Nov 8, 201203:32 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Six Months and Counting

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Things started to settle down, and Rosie jumped in the shower. I put a few ice cubes in a glass and added a smidgen of Captain Morgan. I was starting to enjoy my cocktail when I heard our boat neighbor approaching in her dinghy. When she hailed "Hello, hello!", I mustered up all the good nature I had in me and went out to ask what was up. Kim decided that Holly's problem was that she wasn't being able to get to shore to do her business, and that was the source of her bladder maladies. She offered to take Holly in her dinghy, along with her own dog, over to the park to let her run and go potty. I didn't even need to take a look at the nearly sinking dinghy, her flea-infested dog, nor the prospect of Holly being whisked away by pirates over at the park, to politely as I could, decline her offer. As if.

I think people may think I'm becoming anti-social.

Even though I had avoided Facebook all day, it didn't keep Rosie from checking in occasionally. The bright spot of our day was finding out that our friends attending the boat races in Key West had taken photos of us, cut them out, and mounted them on sticks to carry around and take photos with and post them on Facebook.

We kept getting posts from them in which various other friends posed with our cut-outs as they made their way from one Key West venue to the next. We knew that they missed us in Key West, and the gesture nearly made Rosie cry.

Here's Rick hauling us around in his beer-filled back pack; one of the pictures we could actually show here on the blog. I noticed they had a cut out of Rosie attired in her skimpiest bikini, and we warned them to not rub her picture nefariously on any of their body parts. Christa asked us how we knew they were doing that, and I told Rosie to reply that we don't have faith in much, be we do have faith in human nature. There are some things you just know are gonna happen in certain situations. I sent a note this morning warning them that I better not find out that my stick was swished around in the toilet bowl late last night.

Yesterday turned out to be a good day after all, thanks to the gang down there in Key Weird. You know who you are.

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