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Nov 5, 201208:26 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Staying Busy In Cape Coral

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Yesterday morning, Gary and Judy's guests took to the road, so we picked them up and went sightseeing again. We looked at houses and boats along the waterways at Tarpon Point and Cape Harbor, and saw some real beautiful homes. More interestingly to me was that I found diesel for $4 a gallon at Cape Harbor. After that, we went and anchored out near Picnic Island and just enjoyed the great weather.

This morning, we went to the preliminary closing on our condo at a title company here in Cape Coral, saving us from traveling back to St. Louis. When our buyer closes on Wednesday, the funds will be wired into our savings account and we will be officially homeless. Everything we own will be floating under us on the boat.

After our business at the title company this morning, Gary and Judy took us to El Mambos for breakfast again, our third visit since we have been here, and not our last. We like it.

Today, I also bit the bullet and bought six group 31 marine batteries from Advance Auto, saving a lot of money in the process. We're swapping out the batteries tomorrow.

After getting back to the boat after breakfast, I was all up for reading my Kindle and taking a nap. Rosie was playing with Holly, and she started acting real funny. I mean Holly. I called Tara, our vet back in St. Louis at Affton Animal Clinic, and we both thought Holly may have contracted a bladder infection. Tara located a veterinary hospital in Fort Myers, and Gary offered to take us there, but we knew the process could take several hours and we didn't want to put Gary through it, plus he and Judy were picking up a friend from the airport later in the day and I couldn't guarantee when we would be done at the vet. I called a vet listed closer to where we were, and it was just a few blocks away. We got an appointment, and after waiting for an hour and a half, the vet took a urine sample and found that Holly does have a minor bladder infection.

We got some antibiotics for the infection, but there is nothing we can do about her being possessed by demons, as illustrated in this photo at the Baywood Veterinary Hospital.

Another crises has been averted, it appears. We hope she is better once the series of pills have been taken. The vet thinks she may not be drinking enough water. We knew she wasn't, but we're not sure what to do about it. Maybe we should mix a little bourbon with it.

So, what we had planned to be a relaxing "recoup from the weekend" day turned out to be a full one, and we are beat. Now that it's getting dark early since daylight savings is over, we'll find it hard to stay up late tonight.

If you don't know by now who you are going to vote for in the election tomorrow, please stay home.

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