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Nov 11, 201203:30 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Two Steps Forward...

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After a couple of hours, we retired back to the boat and sat in the cockpit and just watched the boats traveling on the river and the people on the dock. We were admiring a boat at the dock where we were, and the owner asked if we would like a tour. Yep. The boat is a Gozzard Yacht. The owner helped design it, and it was built 12 years ago in Canada. The design took elements from three yacht builders: Flemming, DeFever and Ocean Alexander. I didn't take pictures, but this 50-foot vessel was the finest boat we had ever been on, in my estimation. Rosie said there were too many stairs. The owner proudly displayed every facet of the boat, and we left impressed. I was going to drill a hole in the bottom of Swing Set and collect the insurance money so we could go boat shopping, but Rosie stopped me.

We visited at the dock with some other folks as we were invited to "happy hour." We spent about an hour chatting with the folks there who live on their boats before we headed to an anchorage across the Caloosahatchee River. This brings us to this morning.

We ate breakfast during our two-hour cruise at daybreak to our intended spot to spend the day at Picnic Island. The wind really picked up by the time we dropped anchor, and we kept slipping. I set our anchor about five times before giving up and moving to the lee side of another island across the bay. A giant wake from a passing vessel in the channel caused us to pull up our anchor yet again. I intended to cross the waterway and anchor on the lee side of another island, only further away from the boat traffic, and we got to a good spot and I dropped the anchor as we were still coasting, something I do when we have a hard time initially setting a hook.

Well, the hook set and set good. The anchor took a bite and the bow dipped down and then I heard a pop. I knew what had happened before even checking, and sure enough, when I brought the anchor line in we had nothing on the end of it but frayed line. I marked the spot, but even in 11 feet of water, I have no desire to go snorkeling in coffee-colored water, or at least I didn't today. I may get up the nerve to dive for our anchor later this week, but in the meantime, we'll make another trip to the Sea and Shore store to get an anchor and another rope/chain rode combo. We're talking about $700 bucks here if we're lucky. If I go back and retrieve our anchor later on, I'll save it for a spare. I'm sure this will happen again. We are just fortunate that our line didn't break during the night, or in a storm.

See? I just turned a negative into a positive. Oh joyous day!

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