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Nov 25, 201210:58 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

We Leave Naples in Our Wake

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We had a quiet Thanksgiving Day. I called my dad, and Rosie talked to members of her family. We didn't venture from the boat, doing some reading and enjoying some late afternoon sun in the cockpit.

Most beings save their Thanksgiving nap until after they have dinner, but Holly doesn't know anything about all that and naps when she wants. Here she is partaking in just that thing while Rosie has the turkey breast roasting in our convection/microwave oven. Even though our original microwave worked just fine, trading it for the convection model was one of the best things we did in preparing for our life aboard the boat.

We ran the generator while cooking the turkey, but still it only took about one and a half hours to roast, turning out with a crispy skin and moist inside, just the way it should be. We rounded out the meal with instant mashed potatoes, gravy, asparagus and the traditional cranberry sauce. No buns or stuffing, and no pie, but we were so stuffed from the rest of the food that a few cookies later on sufficed for dessert. One of the best Thanksgiving meals we've had. Pizza on the bed of a Motel 6 in Texas while on a motorcycle trip was one of the worst.

Sunset in Crayton Cove in Naples on Thanksgiving was peaceful. We could see the various gatherings going on in the homes that line the cove, and we both couldn't resist just a little remorse at the memory of holidays gone by, but we'll get over it.

Black Friday is a day when a lot of people go out and spend money on junk they don't need, some spending days and nights on end waiting to save a $100 bucks on a TV, but they won't take a job for $12 per hour. Our mission was to find a beer in Naples for less than $4.25, and we were successful.

Rosie, Holly and I parked the dinghy at the Naples City Dock and walked to The Boardwalk near Tin City, just a few blocks away. We entered a somewhat open-air bar called CJ's, which advertised to be dog friendly. Their website touted $1.00 mugs of draft between 4 and 7 p.m., but maintaining the website wasn't their strong suit and we found the mugs to be $1.50 instead. We found three seats at the bar and commenced to make friends.

Rosie mentioned to a fella on her right that we had toured Fifth Avenue and that she was surprised she didn't see any Christmas decorations up yet. The man lamented that all the folks there in Naples were in a depression because the election didn't have the outcome they wanted, so it appeared to be a lean holiday this year. I was wondering how they were going to cope in their million-dollar homes when a guy on my left accused us of being Republicans when he learned that we lived on a boat. We were in a no-win situation with the clientele at CJ's, it seemed.

While I was contemplating my answer, the fella on my left took a big sip of beer as I asked him, "What do I look like, freakin' Thurston Howell the Third?" which caused him to bust out laughing and spit out his beer in the process. After that, we got along fine.

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