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Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

November 2012


Keewadin and Little Marco Islands

We've found a good spot here just inside the Little Marco Pass, between Keewadin and Little Marco Island. The beach on the southern end of Keewadin Island has a lot of beachgoers, even on a Monday when we thought it would be deserted around here. On Sunday afternoon, there were plenty of boaters around. We took a walk along the crowded beach with Holly, and she learned to jump over the anchor lines as we walked along the water's edge. A familiar looking boat caught my eye; it was a 1997 Formula 330SS with the same color scheme that our 280SS had. Upon closer inspection, the boat wasn't in very good condition, unlike our old boat that a friend wound up buying eventually, keeping it in pristine condition. When we got back to Swing Set, a boater came by and...

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We Leave Naples in Our Wake

We had a quiet Thanksgiving Day. I called my dad, and Rosie talked to members of her family. We didn't venture from the boat, doing some reading and enjoying some late afternoon sun in the cockpit. Most beings save their Thanksgiving nap until after they have dinner, but Holly doesn't know anything about all that and naps when she wants. Here she is partaking in just that thing while Rosie has the turkey breast roasting in our convection/microwave oven. Even though our original microwave worked just fine, trading it for the convection model was one of the best things we did in preparing for our life aboard the boat. We ran the generator while cooking the turkey, but still it only took about one and a half hours to roast, turning out with a crispy skin and moist...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Before I get started on the subject of today's holiday, let me recap the week. Last Sunday, Gary and Judy came with us on Swing Set to look for our anchor one last time. The tide was at its lowest point when we attached our grappling hook to the stern of and began dragging it behind. My plan was to make ever widening concentric circles around the perceived spot where I thought the anchor might be. I immediately was confronted with a problem that put an end to our search. The depth had a high degree of variability, and I was churning up sea bottom in some areas as shallow as three and a half feet. The anchor was not worth us running aground, and I didn't feel like lowering the dinghy to search with it. Instead, we fired up the grill and made lunch. We stayed until...

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Final Days in Bimini Basin

Like all good things, our stay in Bimini Basin will draw to a close. Our plan is to head south on Monday afternoon, or Tuesday morning at the latest. It's not getting crowded in here, but we have had the addition of three more sailboats in as many days. Interestingly enough, we are becoming known around these parts, so it might be time to leave just on that account. On Thursday afternoon, while Rosie and I were enjoying some late afternoon sun, a pontoon boat came by and the couple on board waved hello and pulled alongside Swing Set. It turns out that Art and Nancy Leefers were from Grafton, Ill, and had found our blog months ago. They were just out sightseeing in the rented pontoon and saw Swing Set as they entered Bimini Basin. They keep their big boat at Grafton...

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Upon Further Review...

When I make a mistake, I have no need to tell on myself because only Rosie and I would be the only ones who knew about it. But the truth is the truth, and after reflecting on our recent anchor losing incident, I have come to the conclusion that our anchor line did not break at the rope/chain splice, but instead the rope got cut when I inadvertently ran over it. Yes, I ran over my own anchor line. I decided that this is what happened by examining the remaining anchor line. There was no evidence of the splice, which part of would still remain if the line separated there. By using the saved track on our chartplotter, we went back to the scene of the crime on Monday with our friends Gary and Judy. Gary and I used a small anchor to drag the area behind the dinghy. We didn't find...

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Two Steps Forward...

I've read that "everything on your boat is broken, you just don't know it yet." I am pretty sure this statement is true but am in denial. But nothing was broken this morning as we left our anchorage up near Fort Myers at the break of dawn, and we were in a very optimistic mood. Let's go back to last Thursday.... The closing on our condo finally went off, and our hard-earned money that was left from the sale was deposited into our bank account at last. Any celebration that we thought we needed to do was anticlimactic, as we had gotten about as happy as we would be prior to the final act. Once we confirmed that the wire transfer had indeed taken place, we gathered up Holly and took the dinghy over to the park and went on a walk to our favorite...

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Six Months and Counting

Yes, we left St. Louis six months ago. It doesn't seem that long ago for us, so that's a sign that we must be enjoying the experience...and it's true. On Tuesday, Gary took me to the auto parts store, and we picked up our six Optima Marine batteries. By late afternoon, I had the old batteries out and the new ones installed. We had also gone by the Sea and Shore store here in Cape Coral and had some cables made up due to the fact that we were adding 50 percent more battery capacity in the form of six inverter batteries instead of four. Four feet worth of cables and eight shrink-wrapped ends with rings attached, that'll be 100 smackers, please. No wonder thieves are taking copper from anyplace they can get it. On Tuesday night, we went out with Gary and Judy and...

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Staying Busy In Cape Coral

We have some reasons why posts have been a little sparse lately. One is that, since we are staying in one spot for so long, we don't have much to offer that may be of any interest to anyone, or has nothing to do with our blog subject matter. The other is that our inverter bank of batteries has finally called it quits, so this requires us to start and run the generator to be able to write the blog. The generator is on right now, so we can cook dinner, so here we go... We were visited by the Florida Marine Patrol last week, and they wanted to check our head system to see if we were flushing the toilet overboard. We had taken the dinghy over to Gary and Judy's place, and we saw them come in and were over at one of the sailboats in the basin here. I took the dinghy back to...

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