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Oct 5, 201203:26 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

A Few Minutes in St. Petersburg

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Happy to have the sun back, we headed past John's Pass and down the Intracoastal. We had about a 30-mile trip to Apollo Beach, where we were meeting friends on Friday night, and we wanted to break up the trip into two segments.

Just under the Treasure Island Causeway was where we were going to find our present anchorage, in the Boca Ciega Bay at St. Petersburg Beach. It was only a 7-mile trip, but we barely idled the whole way, enjoying the morning and the view of the homes along the waterway.

We anchored in a very wide area with only one other boat there, an unoccupied sailboat that looked to be in very nice condition. The water was clearer here, and once we got settled, I decided to ignore the possibility of being eaten by any sea creatures and lounged around on my raft for the whole afternoon. Rosie was less adventurous, but she did dip herself a couple of times off of the swim ladder.

I forgot to mention earlier, but our dinghy tie-up system has been modified once again. The dinghy sits as high up against the davits as I can get it, and the lines I have tying it up do not interfere with using the swim platform much, so we find it easier to get in and out of the water now. The only downside is that our dinghy is wrapped up better than a kidnap victim, if you consider that a downside.

By late afternoon, the wind started whipping up and the clouds started rolling in. This is a sure indication to get out on deck and confirm that the anchor is well set and batten down the hatches. This was an ominous looking front coming our way, but the NOAA radio broadcast didn't mention anything about it being "severe," and the radar showed a narrow band, so we didn't get too worried, but those clouds just dumped rain on us, albeit for a short time.

The storm soon quit and boats came back out. I had started watching the news after dinner and checked myself. I mentioned to Rosie how dumb it was to be watching more of the same ol' same ol' and that we should be out in the cockpit admiring the sunset. She agreed, and soon enough we were out setting in our deck chairs with an after dinner cocktail in the cool air, supplied by the passing weather front.

I would have included a beautiful sunset picture, but the promise of a spectacular sunset didn't materialize as we had anticipated. Life is like that. The best things just happen without a lot of planning, but if you over analyze and expect to plan a good outcome, more often than not it leads to disappointment. I think we'll pull up anchor soon and head south, and just see what happens.

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