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Oct 25, 201209:02 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Life In Bimini Basin and Some Good News

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Let's get the good news out of the way; we signed a sales contract on our condo back in St. Louis via DocuSign on the computer. We've had our condo for sale for over three years, and while this is good news, we are settling on a price $80,000 less than where we started at, and the price includes all of our furniture, electronics, dishes and pots and pans...you name it.

But the sale will be a big weight off our shoulders and will lessen our outlay every month, making our fixed income go farther. We have also been somewhat restricted in our travel due to not knowing when we might get an offer and have to be in a convenient area to close on the sale, something we will do here in Cape Coral in less than two weeks.

We consider ourselves very lucky, as Cape Coral as a destination was a goal for us even when we started planning our cruise. We were down here almost two years ago visiting Gary and Judy when, after viewing property after property, we came to the conclusion that we would only be able to afford retiring if we quit looking at condos and just lived on the boat full time. We still think we made the right choice.

As it is, the more material things you own, the more they own you. Our situation will make us as free as we can be, given our dependence on fuel, but now that we are below a latitude that will ensure decent temperatures, we can sit in a spot as long as we like without using diesel except for the generator. The size of our small world here dictates how much junk we can accumulate, mainly because we don't like clutter and there is a place for everything aboard Swing Set, but also because we still have to keep her afloat. Yes, we are still a slave to our boat, but we can still tell her where to go.

We've met some more of our neighbors here in Bimini Basin; one couple have a condo just yards away on the shore but choose to live aboard their small sailboat. Their condo was purchased for family visitors and a place to "go peacefully to live out old age," according to Larry, a seasoned sailor. We haven't met his wife, Linda, yet, although we have seen her with Larry in the dinghy when they take their dog to the park twice a day.

Melinda and Tony are "retired military." Not sure what military, let's guess Navy. Melinda is very personable, and we've talked to her a couple of times. They have a beautiful motor sailor, about 50 feet long, that was designed by Ed Monk Sr. It has a salty look that appeals to me. It holds 500 gallons of water and 750 gallons of diesel, and they have had it all over the world. They have been visiting Bimini Basin with different boats for over 15 years. One can but dream. See, I even have higher hopes.

Holly is getting to be a very good boat dog, albeit a noisy one. She barks at everybody and everything. The more I admonish her, the more she barks. She is quiet when it's just us alone, but no one will believe it. Her "luxating patellas" are not giving her an ounce of trouble, and her teeth extractions that she had back in Tampa are all healed up. In the photo, she is sporting the new haircut I gave her yesterday. She sits still as a stone when I trim her face and "other parts," which is very wise, but she doesn't like her feet messed with still. It is amazing to us how much joy this little dog gives us. Hard to believe she'll be 1 year old next week and is getting more freedom to roam on the boat when we are present. She will go to "her room" to do her duty when she is about the cabin, and when she is outdoors, will go to the swim platform if I have the transom door open.

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