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Oct 16, 201209:30 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Longboat Key To Englewood

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This is a picture as we were leaving Cortez, but we were just getting to Sarasota as the sun peeked out and we had a scenic ride down to Venice. But south of Venice, the Intracoastal is not very pretty and we wished we had taken the outside route down to our planned anchorage in Englewood Beach.

The sky was threatening when we got anchored with some mangroves, protecting us from the north and the southwest. We were in front of some modest homes, but there is an anchorage in this area and I think homeowners are used to seeing transients here.

We grilled some chicken wings and watched a whole lot of dolphins playing around the boat. One poked its head up two feet from the swim platform, apparently checking us out before going back to play. After dinner, we watched the ballgame on FOX and had good reception. I really like Joe Buck as an announcer. Too bad the Cardinals didn't show up to play for game two.

This morning, we're waiting for the tide to come in to leave this spot, as it was a little skinny making our way in here yesterday. By the way, we did see some evidence of the red tide we had heard about on the news; lots of dead fish floating around. A storm we had yesterday afternoon washed them away, but we are wondering if we will see any more.

We keep getting closer and closer to Cape Coral, where our friends Gary and Judy have a winter condo and are arriving today. We should be able to meet with them by the weekend, or even sooner, but who knows what's going to happen between here and there?

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