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Oct 3, 201203:40 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Not All Blue Skies

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We are on our second day here in our Madeira Beach anchorage. I can't tell you a whole lot about it because we haven't left the boat yet, and we haven't met our neighbors in here yet either. The three boats in the picture are abandoned. The one in the middle is washed up in the mangroves, and the other two sailboats are now home to a great number of sea gulls and pelicans, having been vessels holding a better future for their owners at some point in the past.

We are currently socked-in by rain, with no let up in sight for this day. Not a big deal because the temperatures are cooler, and even though it's raining, there is no associated winds to contend with. Our first night here was a restless one. The winds had us bucking around, and the noise of the waves smacking our bow made for a sleepless night. Yesterday, the sun peeked out once in a while, but we just didn't feel like dropping the dinghy to go explore. We did do some minor chores on the boat; using the rain to help wash the decks and checking the oil on the engines.

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