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Oct 6, 201203:10 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Tampa Bay and Apollo Beach

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We pulled up anchor on a bright, sunny Friday morning and set a course for Apollo Beach. I took this picture of the famous Don Cesar Hotel in St. Petersburg as we cruised by. (It's the big pink building.) We heard its been renovated. We're happy when landmarks are kept up and not left to decay.

Our route to Apollo Beach was only 23 miles, but we decided to take a detour and travel up the western side of Tampa Bay to check out the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel and Marina.

As we were tooling along at our normal 8 to 9 miles per hour, the boat in the picture above showed up right next to us with no courtesy call on the radio or honk on the horn. The captain waved, but I would have liked it better had he given us notice. The wake he was throwing was a huge one, but not a bell ringer. I told him on the radio that he should have signaled us before he passed, but we understand, being peons and all.

This is the entrance to the Vinoy. It's right in downtown Tampa, next to a small airport. The harbor is home to several large yachts and is very nice. We were interested in seeing it because a friend of ours had his 65-footer there for about two years, and we were hoping to meet up with him when we moved down to Florida, but he has since moved his boat back up to the Alton area. When he was down here, John Travolta kept his boat in the slip next to him. Nice neighborhood. My old boss has a boat in there, too. A beer is named after his family. If we were going to stay in this area, I would look into getting a slip at the Vinoy. They are negotiable on their pricing and are unbelievably reasonable as far as costs go.

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