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Sep 5, 201204:25 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Orange Beach, Alabama

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I checked "Waterfront Dining" on my Navionics app and found a Tacky Jack's right around the corner. The chart advertised very shallow water, but there is a marina next to it, so I figured the water there had to be deep at their docks, and it was. Tacky Jacks had a full lunch crowd, but we got a high top at the railing and had a view of Bayou St. John and Swing Set. Rosie ordered shrimp tacos, and I got fish tacos. They were OK, but nothing to rave about, especially at $11 for three tacos and a pile of underdone tortilla chips. At least the Bud Light was cold.

Rosie took this when she went back to the boat to get a RiverBills.com sticker. That's me in the blue T-shirt. By the way, we don't buy T-shirts at tourist traps; T-shirts are something you get for free, and we have enough of them to last a lifetime.

By the time we got ready to leave, the place was thinning out. We learned later that happy hour runs from 2 to 6 p.m. Had we known, we may have went later. Above our heads is the RiverBills.com sticker. We hope lots of our friends stopping at Tacky Jacks will remember us when they see it.

We decided to head out into the Gulf of Mexico and see how it was. Well, there were some large swells rolling in from the southwest, and I still have too much fuel and water weight to get Swing Set riding higher on the waves. After "ringing the bell" a couple of times, we headed back in. One thing we'll have to do before making a gulf crossing is secure the dinghy better. I didn't like how it was bobbing around on the davits.

After passing back under the bridge, we made another right turn and checked out the route to Flora Bama to see if we could get Swing Set under the bridge on the "Old River" that runs on the back side of Perdido Key and past the Flora Bama. I don't think we can fit under it, plus the water there gets pretty skinny. We may anchor in the Bayou and take the dinghy in when we go there, probably over the weekend.

We also checked out the Pirates Cove restaurant on our way back to our anchorage in Ingram Bayou. It looked very interesting, and we are planning on going there on Friday. We'll go later in the day, perhaps at happy hour, and we can take Holly too. It looks like a real laid back place with sand all around it right close to the water.

Rosie and I agree that the best meals we've had on this trip are the ones we have made on the boat, and we are generally disappointed when we visit restaurants. But going out to eat is part of the fun, and we can meet people, which is also part of the fun. So we do it, but we hope our friends don't get disappointed when we don't visit every restaurant or bar they recommend.

I just have one question: Who is the old fart standing next to Rosie in the above picture?

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