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Sep 10, 201204:26 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Still in Orange Beach

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Last Friday, we pulled up stakes in Ingram Bayou and went in search of a relatively shallow spot in order to clean the waterline stain on Swing Set and throw some wax on it. I could have picked a better spot due to the amount of passing traffic, but the bottom was sandy and had little slope, so I could walk around the whole boat without drowning myself.

Nancy over at Sportsman's Marina called and said that the end caps for our rub rail were in, but the air filters weren't in yet. I told her that either way, we'd pick up the end caps at the gas dock the next morning and would check back on the filters. At a minimum, we will be in the area for a week waiting to get these small purchases delivered. This type of effort will certainly reduce impulse buying on our part. How many people just "go shopping" to buy stuff they already have or don't need? Lots.

By late afternoon, we went over to Pirates Cove and, although they have a nice long dock out front, the wind was really kicking up and I didn't want to be sitting broadside against the pilings, getting the boat bashed in the process. We made our way through the narrow cut into a small bayou just north of the small marina that comprises Pirates Cove. There was a spot at an end dock that had just enough room for us to squeeze into right in front of a sailboat, so we slid Swing Set in and tied up.

It was 3 p.m. when we entered the covered deck and grabbed a small high-top table, and there were just a few patrons around, some outside near us on the deck and some on the small beach. We sat for a while waiting for someone to take our order, and we would be waiting still until we figured out that ordering drinks and food was done at the bar inside. I liked it better already, because then we could order drinks at our own pace rather that have a pushy bartender shoving them at us every time our beers got down to the last few ounces.

After getting our first round of beers, the next order of business was to mount another RiverBills.com sticker in a prominent location. We are getting better at remembering to bring along stickers when we leave the boat. We also are adding Swing Set and the date to each sticker so anyone passing through in the future will know that Kilroy Was Here. The sticker in this picture is right above Rosie's head, a little to the left. As you can tell, Pirates Cove is dog friendly. There had to be at least 10 dogs sauntering around, getting a handout wherever possible. Holly nearly wore out her barker, and we nearly wore out ours telling her to shut hers.

I'm including this picture that Rosie insisted upon taking of me. I want full disclosure here on my choice of clothing when the need arises; some of you may notice that I wear this particular shirt a lot. This is true. When this shirt rots off my back, I'll choose another one to wear. This will be our little secret. The folks at each restaurant or bar don't have to know. It does get an occasional rinsing out. Rosie manages this process.

The inside bartender noticed me putting up another RiverBills sticker and later came out to ask us what "Swing Set" meant, and to find out if I was River Bill as she knew a River Bill, too. I answered the question about Swing Set to her satisfaction and allowed as to how everywhere we go, there is either a Captain Bill or River Bill. We know several of each. We are still looking for a Leiutenant Dan.

Soon after, a local couple came in. Their names were Andy and Bailey, and Bailey just fell in love with Holly. Again, note to self, keep the dog. We obtained a lot of local information from these two, and they were fun to talk to. We learned a lot from them and only wish we could have retained some of the valuable tidbits they were giving us.

We were starting to feel like this dog looked, so we ordered some chicken wings to munch on. You order your food at the bar, but someone in the kitchen brings it out to your table when it's cooked. A girl who brought out the five chicken wings we ordered dropped one and said she would make another, and then a few minutes later arrived at our table with not one wing, but another five, I guess to repay us for the wait. Very nice of her, we thought.

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