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Sep 10, 201204:26 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Still in Orange Beach

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It got dark on us, so we went inside to gather around the bar and meet some more folks. Holly laid right on the bar and was quite at home there. She kept getting petted from any woman that would walk by. I swear that had we not kept a close eye on her, someone would have surely snuck off with her. This may have applied to Rosie, as well.

We ordered a pizza to go, as it was close to 10 p.m. Lucia, the bartender, said that we were in someone's dock space, but they weren't due back until Sunday and that we were welcome to stay in it until then. We thought this was great, as I didn't really feel up to finding another anchorage in the dark. We were happy to be able to just go back to the boat, eat some delicious pizza (Lucia's Special; pineapple, mozzarella, feta and pepperoni) and fall asleep.

We woke up at sunrise to rain. We took our trash to the dumpster, filled up our water tank and set out. By the time we made our way over to Sportsmans Marina, they were open and I was able to pick up the end caps for our rub rail. The sky cleared up and was promising to be a delightful day.

After leaving Sportsman's, we took the boat over to anchor in the no wake zone just west of Robinson Island, a popular beach spot for the locals. We got a good hook set on the second try, as the tide was going out and there was a substantial current running. Once we got a good hook, we had a great breakfast and then I set to install our missing end cap.

I was glad I ordered a starboard cap, and a port cap, as I had forgotten which one I had used where when I installed them the first time. I had a hunch that I had installed a starboard cap upside down on the port side, and I was right. I measured the fit about 10 times before I took my coping saw to the precious end cap and cut it. I applied a generous amount of 3M 4200 quick-dry adhesive and tapped the cap into the holes from the old cap. Fit like a glove. Now, we can show ourselves in public once again.

While Rosie was doing some odds and ends, I took the dinghy out in search of another stern anchor. I went to two marinas and struck out. I did get a good tip from the dock master at Sanroc Cay, and when I got back to the boat, I called Orange Beach Auto and Marine and asked if they had any small Danforth type anchors. "What are those?" is the response I got. I said, "You know, a fluke anchor." My hopes were dashed when the answer again was "What is a fluke anchor?" I got real basic with the fella and mentioned an anchor "with them pointy things that stick in the sand" and folks...we had a winner! I even managed to get a measurement, but understandably, I am not too confident on the quality of the information that I had obtained. Orange Beach Auto and Marine is close to West Marine and will require another hike from a tied up dinghy. I think in this case I'll take a pass on what is sure to be a fruitless endeavor. Where do these businesses find employees these days?

Swing Set had not moved for hours; the tide was still going out, and the wind was steady from the north. I felt confident in leaving her for Rosie and I to take a dinghy ride and look around. We took Holly, too, and went to check out an anchorage for us to visit Flora Bama later on.

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