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Sep 11, 201302:54 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Making Ourselves at Home in the Grove

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We met with John and Jen Ziegler last Friday night at Scotty's Landing. Scotty's is dog friendly, so we brought Holly, and John and Jen brought their poodle, Bella. Wagering was light on the possibility of a dog fight; in fact, it was a non-event. Bella and Holly largely ignored each other, but happily barked at anyone passing by. The humans had fun, too. We hadn't seen Jen in 10 years, but we saw John two years ago before leaving St. Louis. As always, we reminisced about old times and what public school was like for us in a suburb of St. Louis.

On Saturday morning, we left Grove Harbor Marina and found our mooring ball next door at the Dinner Key Mooring Facility. We wanted to get a pump-out on our way out to the mooring, but the pump-out station at the dock was broken. We were going to have to wait until Monday for a pump-out unless someone fixed the pump-out at the dock. I was counting on Monday.

There are over a hundred moorings at Dinner Key, and the exposure is pretty open, especially from the east. The photo above is an early morning shot. The moorings closer in to the marina are better protected, and we had number 34. We were told that any number under 50 would offer decent protection.

Earlier in the week, we had run into Leslie Hannah, half of a couple that we had met in Georgetown. They were only a couple of moorings over from us. We went over on our way out with the dinghy to catch up with what they had been doing. We learned they were taking their sailboat north in the next few days and putting it up for sale. They want a catamaran because they have grown tired of the "dungeon like" feeling of a mono-hull sailboat. We tend to agree, and haven't even been on a sailboat.

There is a gathering spot across the Bay at Nixon's Beach, a shallow spot near where our former President had a home. The home has long been torn down, but the heliport is still there. We spent some time people watching at the "beach." There was a lot to watch.

On Sunday, we took the dinghy back out and first took a spin up the Miami River. The river is brackish, and there are lots of city type things to see. We wouldn't rate it as a "must do" event, but it was interesting.

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