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The Beach Party Circuit

Our trip to the dermatologist was fairly uneventful last week. The doctor asked us if she could spare us the lecture about all the exposure that we were getting from the sun, and we told her that she could, we've heard it before. We promised to return in at least a year, and out the door we went. I didn't know until yesterday how much fuel we used on our Boca Grande run the weekend before last, but it turns out we only burned 2.6 gallons in what I figure to be a 30+ mile ride, at wide open throttle. We carry six gallons in our fuel tank and another 2 gallons in a gas can under the seat. Next time, we might just run all the way to the Marquesas. Here's a photo of one of our SeaDek pads. You might be able to see how shiny the surrounding fiberglass is, and you...

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Dinghy Ride To Boca Grande

Once I had our SeaDek pads in hand, and they were found to be cut properly, I set to removing the old pads early the next day. A plastic putty knife came in handy, and the pads peeled up without too much difficulty. But then the real work began. The residual glue was very difficult to remove, so I read the FAQ provided by SeaDek and set to work. First, I used mineral spirits to wet down the surfaces and laid a mineral spirit soaked rag onto each surface for at least 10 minutes. The glue was then easier to wipe up, and then I used acetone to remove all traces of the mineral spirits. A little glue was still in evidence, but I made sure it would be concealed by the new pads. The next morning, after the solvents had plenty of time to evaporate, we applied the pads in no time at...

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The SeaDek Ordeal

We're approaching two years that Swing Set has been in a saltwater environment. The recent picture above serves as proof that our boat has never looked better, but keeping it that way has not been easy or cheap, which is how I describe myself occasionally. Rust is a constant issue, but we've been able to keep a handle on it by rinsing off the exterior of the boat after every outing, something we couldn't do when we were traveling. We also use Salt Away, a product that we put in a garden sprayer when we rinse the deck and hull, especially after being out in rougher seas. The stainless-steel rubrail inserts are a constant maintenance item, and so are the bow rails. We use a product we found at the grocery store, Perfect Sink, made by Hopes. It's designed for...

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Happy Father's Day

For anyone who would doubt that boating is in my blood, proof is in the photo above. My dad is the guy in the middle in the photo. The year is 1956, and the location is a beach on the Mississippi River. The fella on the left is my uncle, Joe Herbst, my dad's brother in law. Joe was a Golden Gloves boxing champ, and he got my dad his job at the beer factory. I think in 1949. This subsequently led to my career at the beer factory, too. Thank you, all. I don't remember the fella on the right, but as you can see, they are all enjoying a cold Budweiser, another item that is in my blood, more often than not. Who says boating and beer don't mix? We lost some good boat neighbors here at the marina last weekend, with them moving back to Fort Myers, where Greg and Alisa...

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Goin' Mobile

This post isn't about that great Who song, it's about friends finding ways to come down to see us here in Key West, and us keeping our options open regarding finding ways to transport our small inventory of possessions. You might have seen our solution as to how we transport our Yuba cargo bicycle on Swing Set on a previous post. We haven't had our Boda Boda onboard since we got here to Stock Island Marina Village, but we can get it stowed safely away in a matter of minutes. Hurricane preparation has been weighing on my mind recently, not too heavily, I might add, but I like to have a plan. What has complicated our plan was the acquisition of our Yamaha Zuma scooter. We have full coverage insurance on the Zuma, but leaving it locked on land in the event...

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