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A Sigh Of Relief In Stella Maris

We have free WiFi! So, I'm backing up for a week and showing you this picture of the beach at Chat 'N' Chill on Stocking Island across from Georgetown, Exuma. The Chat 'N' Chill is such a fun place to go to, we found it hard to leave Georgetown because of it. We've been told that, "in season," the place is hopping with customers, and 300 or 400 boats line the shores of Elizabeth Harbour. We cannot wait to visit in the winter months. We think this place would be a great place to visit on vacation. Meanwhile, any reservations about our decision to travel to Long Island, with our initial disappointment in Salt Pond, plus the threat of Chantal hanging over our heads, has disappeared like Baptists at a raid on a strip club. Yesterday...

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Salt Pond Is A Dud

After our lengthy and bumpy crossing to Long Island yesterday, we didn't feel like exploring the town and thought we would wait until today. Wish we would have done it yesterday. But first, I'll back up. Leaving Elizabeth Harbour yesterday morning, the forward bilge pump came on, evident by it's warning light at the helm. Each pump has one. This was odd, and when odd things happen on a boat, it's best to find out the "root cause," because it means something isn't right. The forward pump coming on without the aft pump coming on means a problem. An unusual problem. Another thing that hasn't been right is the amount of water our watermaker has been making, or how much our tank has been holding overnight. I do believe in coincidences, and when...

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Long Island Waiting on Chantal

We have left Chicken Harbor, otherwise known as Elizabeth Harbour near Georgetown, Great Exuma. After looking at the forecast for what is currently Tropical Storm Chantal, we headed east from Georgetown to Salt Pond in Long Island. While the Exumas run more in a northwest to southeast direction, Long Island lays just east and runs more north and south. The Grand Bahama Bank sits in between, and the southern tip of the Exumas stabs Long Island almost directly in the center of that island, just about where the Tropic Of Cancer lies, and that is where we headed. When we left the anchorage this morning, we were hailed by another vessel, Island Girl, a sailboat. The captain said they'd be following behind us, also heading to Salt Pond. We also met another small sailboat on...

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Holding Pattern

For the most part, our week has been rather uneventful. After the Junkanoo last Saturday night, the winds clocked back around to come from the ESE, making us exposed to wind and waves blowing right up the length of Elizabeth Harbour, so we moved the boat back over to our original spot just off of Stocking Island. After spending another night bouncing around due to the more southerly, rather than easterly direction of the waves, we decided on Monday morning to make another move. Crab Cay Marina is a marina project that was begun in 2006. A beautiful stone bridge was built to allow traffic to go from Georgetown to Crab Cay; some roads were graded, and piles of construction materials were placed all around the natural harbor, which was also dredged to a nice depth for a marina....

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Junkanoo In Georgetown

Living on the boat is like living anywhere else, but doing the mundane things like laundry, taking out the garbage and grocery shopping presents challenges, and sometimes we find unexpected pleasures. For instance, the other day, we took a bag of laundry across Elizabeth Harbour in the dinghy to the Exuma Yacht Club, where we thought they had laundry facilities, but found out from Clavon, the harbormaster, that they do not. But he directed us to the local laundromat just down the road, so we walked the short distance to it. The laundromat is not in the best part of town, but upon walking in, we met Lee and another attendant there who gave us the skinny on getting our laundry done. Lee explained which machines to use and how much it cost. No payment is made until you're done...

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