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Swing Set: Cruising Full Time


Just When You Think It Might Get Boring

On our first full day at anchor after leaving the security of A & B Marina, we had a fairly calm day, so I dropped the dinghy in the water and, while Rosie and Holly stayed aboard Swing Set and did girly things, I went in search of lobster. We were anchored in about 9 feet smack in the middle of a big, sand bottom, which was great for holding but not good for lobsters to hide in. They like rocks and crevices, so I had to venture out. Venturing out means getting far away from the boat. Alone. In water that I've seen very big fish in, and at risk of tidal currents taking me away from the dinghy and my means to get back to the security of the "big boat." While I am still in the process of having the nerve to do this sort of thing without a great deal of...

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Back On The Hook

After being in Key West and A & B Marina for one month, we left there this morning with mixed feelings. We really had a good time during our stay, met some nice people and got familiar with the town. We do hope to get back to Key West later this year, but it all depends on if we'll be able to get a slip in Key West Bight during what will be the busiest time of the year. I had a nice conversation with the harbormaster before we left, and although he didn't guarantee the availability of a slip for us, come this fall, he did indicate that we will have an inside track if we call him this summer. But sitting at a dock every day gets old, and we were anxious to get back on the anchor. Yesterday was a busy day for us. We called a cab and rode to the airport for our...

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The More We Learn the Less We Know

This photo has nothing to do with the subject of this blog. It's just a picture of a beautiful Hinckley yacht docked here at the A & B Marina in Key West. Some things are just what they are and have no other value and serve no purpose. One of those things is advice; that's why I seldom, or ever, give advice here on this forum. The blog is about our experiences. Others can draw from it what they will. But people still give lots of advice. And on other matters, I do too, even though I know it is of no use. I like it when people relate a story about their experiences, but I don't appreciate it when I'm told what I should do by others...especially if they don't know what they are talking about. Take for instance, our intention of going to the Bahamas....

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We Cruise To Boca Grande

The trip to the Bahamas is back on the front burner. The more I talk to people who have actually been there recently, the more comfortable I feel about going. We still have the logistical issues to consider, involving Holly's rabies shots and paperwork, but we'll deal with those issues as they arise and take it from there. I ordered two cruising guides from Amazon: Dozier's Waterway Guide to the Bahamas, along with Steve Dodge's Guide to Abaco. We used the Dozier's Guide for our trip down the West coast of Florida, and we are using it here in the Keys currently. (We joined Amazon Prime to take advantage of free two-day shipping, and free book and movie rentals.) But you don't need a cruising guide when you are tied to the dock. The winds have been...

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Another Unexpected Visit

One thing about being in such an attractive town is that people want to come visit, not only to see us, hopefully, but to have a mini-vacation. At times, a "vacation from a vacation." Neal and Monica hail from our old home town and were visiting a friend in Cape Coral when they jumped on the Key West Express and endured the three-plus hour boat ride to come see us for a quick, five-hour visit. Their daughter was here over New Year's, and we didn't get to see her, but Andi and her boyfriend bought Neal and Monica their Express tickets at a discount, so they decided to make the trip. The boat is huge. Equipped with four Detroit Diesels that propel it to 40-mph from Ft. Meyers. Neal and Monica stepped aboard Swing Set shortly after docking here in Key West...

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