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Barefoot Christmas

Last Saturday, Marathon was not spared the foul weather that affected most of the northern states. It was blustery and cold, the closest we've been to needing coats or jackets since Halloween in Cape Coral. Had we needed a "coat," we would be SOL. We no longer even own what would be called a coat. In the photo above, Rosie is posing with Holly at the tiki hut at the City Marina. We took the dinghy over to listen to some live music provided by one of the harbor residents. The chill took hold as the sun went down, and we braved the frigid mid-60 temperatures for about an hour and then headed for the barn before we could be inflicted with yet another Christmas song. The weather turned better on Sunday, and we dressed in our Sunday finest and rode over to...

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More Notes From Marathon

We are into our second week here in Boot Key Harbor, which is in Marathon, as most of you know. We have some relatively chilly weather occurring currently. The photo above was taken yesterday when the wind kicked up and our low was 66 degrees. This morning, it was 55 degrees and the wind blew hard all night. We should get up to the mid-70s today, and the wind should die down about midday. We were going to take the dinghy over to Dockside last night, a bar/restaurant here in the harbor, but it was too windy to suit us, so we stayed in and used up some data transfer space and watched a movie on our Roku player. The harbor keeps filling up, mostly with sailboats. We've made some inquiries to two Key West marinas that manage dinghy docks and mooring fields....

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A Few Days In "The Black Hole"

Marathon is called "The Black Hole" because so many boaters go there, never to leave again. We are determined to avoid being one of those, but I can see where it would be difficult to leave. The harbor is sheltered, and the water quality is not as good as on the "outside," but it's not bad. I could almost make water from it, but don't need to. Stores, both for grocery and hardware shopping, are within walking distance, albeit a long walk, but taxi service is cheap, too. There are places to go in the dinghy as far as a beach or places to eat. There is a large laundry room, a good library, a place to recycle waste liquids like oil and diesel, if you are doing any maintenance. We'll be here at least until the 28th of December, when Holly has her...

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Everglades City To Marathon

Before we left Goodland, we needed to go to Stan's to see what the fuss was all about. We had a good enough time, but canned beer was $4. That's really all I need to say about it. While in Goodland, I had put a feeler out on the AGLCA forum to ask if anyone had any ideas about where we could get a package delivered in Marathon. I had called the UPS store, and the owner said he would only hold a package for two days. We didn't have plans to stay at a marina, so calling one to accept a delivery was out. I got a call from a fellow "Looper" that has their boat in Marathon, and without giving us a lecture about where we should buy our zincs, or where we should stay, or how many spares we need to keep on board, Leslie and Flint Firestone on the MV Grace Full...

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Yesterday was seven months into our adventure. When I reflect on the whole experience up to now, it's hard to believe all the things we've done and places we've visited, and there are so many more places to see. They will most likely consist of views of land and water. I was also reflecting on our interview with the writer from Heartland Boating that we did last Friday. One thing I wanted to convey, and I'm not sure I did, was that after a length of time, after the initial shock or novelty wears off, the experience of living on the boat boils down to just living, period. So, if you cannot find some way to be happy with your current lifestyle or mate, it is doubtful that living on a boat is going to improve matters. The fact is that personalities won't change...

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