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Even the Weather in Key West Can Be Disagreeable

As anyone who might be mistakenly reading this blog may know, the very northern part of the U.S. was deep into a deep freeze during the first part of this year, and even though Florida escaped the most frigid temperatures, Key West's climate was less-than-desirable...

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Happy New Year 2014

One of the boaters took a drone view of Stock Island Marina Village the other day. This is a very good shot, and I'll use it to describe our surroundings. First of all, Swing Set is pictured just right of center, in the third row of boats from the bottom of the shot, on the right. Yes, that little speck is us.

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Making Ourselves At Home

If you own a boat, and you're not busy, you're not taking care of it. I don't mean you have to be doing something every minute of every day, but finding at least something to do for a couple of hours a day should be easy to do. The picture above is one of our gray water sump box, and installing the deck plate on the cover of it was one of the little projects I did lately to make life easier on the boat. Even though doing boat chores is necessary, I'm always looking for ways to make the chores easier. The gray water sump collects the water on our boat from three sinks, two showers and the condensate lines from the two air conditioning units, and then when the float switch detects enough water in the box, the pump kicks on and pumps the gray water...

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An Eventful Week

Here we are at Stock Island Marina Village. Swing Set is just about in the center of this picture. The marina is slowly filling up. A big rush will take place just after the holidays, so we're happy so far with our choice of slips. We are on the end, so we don't get much foot traffic, and the end "T" is extra wide, so there's a lot of room between our boat and the boat on the outside of the "T". Eventually, we'll have a boat right next to us, as these are doublewide slips, but we could get lucky and have a skinny boat in there. The new laundry is just off of our dock, and there's a huge bathroom on the end of the laundry building that has a shower big enough for a party. We can only dream. Our new bike is locked to a bike rack not...

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Stock Island Marina Village

During our last week or so in Key West Bight, at A & B Marina, the change of seasons was evident as the temperatures dropped into the brisk 60s at night, and generally were in the upper 70s during the day. Absolutely horrible. We had some wind, too. Gusts were in the mid-30 mph range, and not many boats were venturing out. Even the tour boats were staying in port for the most part, but there were a few unscrupulous operators happy to take their customers money and plop them into the ocean for a few minutes for "snorkeling." Load them up with rum and shoot the canon off a few times, and the tourists come back happy. Last week, we went to the Tropic Cinema to see Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks, a story about the hijacking of the container ship Maersk Alabama off...

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