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The Dust Settles

A week ago yesterday, the last of our Key West visiting friends got together at a local Cuban restaurant, El Siboney's, for one last time before they all left. In the photo above, there is Bob, Papa John, Pat, Rosie, Me, Carrie, Dave, Maureen, Darryll and Joe. We're not sure if everyone liked their dining experience, but Rosie and I like El Siboney's. Their prices are reasonable, and the place isn't fancy. It's located off the beaten path on Catherine Street, a few blocks north of Simonton. We had another dinner with half of the group on Friday night. (Bob, Carrie and Dave left to drive back to Missouri on Friday morning.) It was supposed to be a pot luck affair to get rid of leftovers from the refrigerator, but we wound up being treated to fresh strip...

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We Get Company

When we first started out on our adventure a year and a half ago, one of our goals was to be in Key West during Fantasy Fest and the powerboat races. We spent so much time on the inland rivers last summer, we began to readily see that making Key West in time for these events in 2012 would mean skipping by some really fun spots along Florida's West Coast, so we set our sights on being here this year. We're so happy that we did. In the last few weeks, there has been over 40 people down here visiting for some reason or another. Some of the folks we feel are close friends, and some we had a mild acquaintance with, but we feel like we became closer friends with most of them due to the fun times we had with everyone. Now, before you start thinking how popular we must...

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Calm Before the Storm

Sunday was the last day of Fantasy Fest, and things are back to normal here in Key West, if there is such a thing. While this blog is intended to be mostly about living aboard our boat, I'm going to give myself a little more latitude in my subject matter if for no other reason than attempting to maintain some interest in the blog. HeartLand Boating may decide to remove us as a featured blog, but I can't write a blog about setting at the dock everyday. "Today we were at the dock. The boat is still floating." Yawn. I guess our everyday experiences while dockside can inspire folks who are contemplating this lifestyle by knowing that leaving family and friends back home will not mean an end to social activities. Quite the opposite will occur if you let it. Not...

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Fantasy Island

We're spending most of our days right here at A&B Marina, and we're getting spoiled. In the picture above is our new Duck Club burgee brought down by some St. Louis friends, who arrived with several others for the Fantasy Fest activities here in Key West this week. We aren't Duck Club members anymore, but we like to fly a reminder of how enjoyable river life has been for us. Always a river rat. Right now there are more than a dozen folks down from the St. Louis area, and nearly as many that we know from the Tampa area visiting, too. We can't say they're here just to see us, but it's certainly an added bonus for us to see them. There are others coming for Jimmy Buffett Days in a few days, and then a whole slew of folks will be here for the offshore...

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The Rainy Days Have Come

It's been two weeks back in Key West, and we've gotten reacquainted. We've visited some of our favorite haunts from when we were here last January, and we've discovered some new ones. A week ago, we took Swing Set out for a Sunday cruise over to a marina we've been wanting to check out, Sunset Marina. Sunset is on the "back side" of Key West, and it's a long boat ride to get out to the ocean through some skinny water. The marina is typical of what you find in the Keys, full of questionable looking vessels in various states of repair, or disrepair, however you want to look at it. Although the condos adjacent to the marina look fairly nice, the opposite view is of the prison, or "correctional facility." The landfill we had been recently...

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