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Decision Time

Rosie and I were definitely disappointed in Rum Cay and Port Nelson, and certainly in Sumner Point Marina. We had traveled over 35 miles in rough seas, believing the guidebooks about everything that Rum Cay had to offer. What if we traveled another 35 miles to Cockburn in San Salvador, only to be disappointed again? There are no anchorages around San Salvador unless the wind is coming from the east, which it usually is, but there are no guarantees. When we travel to any island, I usually have anchorages in mind for any weather situation, because you never know. At issue was also the current wind situation. Winds were continuing from the east, which would put us on a beam sea heading to San Salvador, something that is not pleasant at all. We made a decision to head back to Long...

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Rum Cay

On the northern tip of Long Island is Cape Santa Maria and Calabash Bay. We pulled into Calabash Bay, sheltered from the prevailing easterly winds, and lined with some nice homes, a first-rate resort and a fine white beach. We dropped the dinghy in and went exploring. A creek that leads inland caught my eye, and we entered a narrow spot in the reef that guards the entrance to a shallow bay that eventually narrows down to a creek that runs down to Joe Sound and then back into the southern end of Calabash Bay. Had the tide been up, we could have taken the dinghy around Galliot Cay, but we were only able to cruise around in the deeper water of the bay, but we saw sting rays and one nurse shark. We ran along the beach that fronts the Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort, where there...

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Three Productive Days In Stella Maris

We had lunch at the Driftwood Cafe on Thursday because all of our food was in coolers due to Rosie defrosting the refrigerator. I had my sought-after cheeseburger, made by hand with fresh ground beef. A side of fries and cole slaw rounded off the meal, and I must say it was very good. Rosie had a Ceasar salad with chicken. She said if was "real good." On Thursday afternoon, Joe brought Gerd to the boat to look at what I wanted to have welded. I had made a template for the stainless, and Joe found suitable material and had cut it. Gerd is German, like the owners, and used to be the marina manager here. He is a man of few words. Few, as in none. Nevertheless, it appeared that our welding was going to take place on Friday, barring rain. We visited Ian and the Driftwood...

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A Sigh Of Relief In Stella Maris

We have free WiFi! So, I'm backing up for a week and showing you this picture of the beach at Chat 'N' Chill on Stocking Island across from Georgetown, Exuma. The Chat 'N' Chill is such a fun place to go to, we found it hard to leave Georgetown because of it. We've been told that, "in season," the place is hopping with customers, and 300 or 400 boats line the shores of Elizabeth Harbour. We cannot wait to visit in the winter months. We think this place would be a great place to visit on vacation. Meanwhile, any reservations about our decision to travel to Long Island, with our initial disappointment in Salt Pond, plus the threat of Chantal hanging over our heads, has disappeared like Baptists at a raid on a strip club. Yesterday...

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Salt Pond Is A Dud

After our lengthy and bumpy crossing to Long Island yesterday, we didn't feel like exploring the town and thought we would wait until today. Wish we would have done it yesterday. But first, I'll back up. Leaving Elizabeth Harbour yesterday morning, the forward bilge pump came on, evident by it's warning light at the helm. Each pump has one. This was odd, and when odd things happen on a boat, it's best to find out the "root cause," because it means something isn't right. The forward pump coming on without the aft pump coming on means a problem. An unusual problem. Another thing that hasn't been right is the amount of water our watermaker has been making, or how much our tank has been holding overnight. I do believe in coincidences, and when...

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