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Hope Town and Pete's Pub

As soon as we left Harbour View Marina, I heard a distress call on VHF 16. A boat was sinking nearby, and there was a request for assistance. Even though the boat sinking was eight miles away, I decided to try to help once I cleared the harbor, but by time I got out to where I could put the boat on plane, there was already help on the scene and all vessels were told to "stand down." The person making the distress call was hard put to describe his location, initially making it hard for anyone to come to his aid. Things to remember. Our cruise over to Elbow Cay and Hope Town was a short one, only a few miles. Hope Town Harbour is small and mostly mooring balls. We anchored just outside on the harbor entrance, along with four or five other vessels. It was my birthday, and...

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Reflecting on One Year of Cruising

One year of living on the boat was celebrated on April 20, but we didn't leave St. Louis until May 8 of last year. It was my birthday, and what a way to celebrate a birthday! I'm now a year older, and I think I'm a bit wiser, as far as cruising and living on a boat goes, anyway. Rosie and I've faced a few challenges in the last year, but we've met them and have overcome them. We're in no worse health than we were a year ago, and the boat is no worse for wear, either. In fact, the boat runs better than it did a year ago. But it hasn't been without a lot of work. Rust is a constant issue, but much better and more expensive yachts share the same problem. It's said that stainless doesn't mean stainfree. Everything on the boat works as it...

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Harbour View Marina is Not a Bad Place to Wait

On Monday morning, after a quick breakfast, Rosie set to work scrubbing down the boat and I set off on my errands. My first stop was an outboard repair shop just down the road. They advertise generator repair, so it may have been possible for them to get the part I needed for our generator. I couldn't be helped there, but they suggested Marsh Harbour Boatyard, which is ultimately where I figured to wind up, but wanted to check on possible places on the way, which by my best guess, was about four miles, at least. I was to ask for Dennis...nobody but Dennis, period. NAPA auto parts was a dead end. The part number I supplied wasn't even in their system. This detail, I learned later, should not have been an indicator as to whether they could obtain the part, but I...

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"The Whale" and on to Marsh Harbor

I'd said we had two options to get from Green Turtle Cay to Marsh Harbor. They were taking the Whale Cay Cut, or taking the Don't Rock Passage. The other option I didn't mention was a shallow, twisty passage just west of Whale Cay, and that's what I thought we would try, considering we'd be going at high tide. But I wasn't ready for what we found. On Sunday morning, we got up early and had a nice breakfast of a spinach, bacon and cheese omelet with a side of toasted Bahamian bread. Don't forget a couple cups of hot coffee. A sailboat in front of us had just pulled anchor, and I called him on the VHF. He'd just come through the Whale Cut at noon on the day before, and although he said it was "bumpy," he thought it wasn't too bad. I...

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A Couple of Stops and Then Green Turtle Cay

Seven or eight miles to the southeast from Allans-Pennsecola Cay was Crab Cay, or one of them. There are at least a couple of Crab Cays on the charts for this area. We took a slow cruise to this Crab Cay and anchored in a calm spot within view of the first beach lined with palm trees that we've seen occurring naturally since we've arrived in the Bahamas. Between Crab Cay and Great Abacos Island was a small inlet leading to the Sea of Abaco. In our anchorage, we had a view through the cut, where we could watch boats travel from the Sea of Abaco into the Little Bahama Bank. We took the dinghy out to explore but were soon battling a strong outgoing tide as we were making our way into a creek system leading into the island of Little Abacos, which is adjacent to Great...

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