Swing Set

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time


Swing Set Gets An Organ Transplant

We had the engine room hatches open on the salon for Steve, the mechanic from Key West Engines, when he got to the boat on the morning of Thursday, January 10. He pulled off the turbochargers, the aftercoolers, and some other bits and pieces, the names of I know not. Even I could see that the turbochargers were showing signs of wear on the inside. Corrosion on the insides of the housings was evident, and some flaking was obvious. According to Steve, just the condensation on the inside of the housings will cause the corrosion over time. When the turbos don't work at full efficiency, the aftercoolers get gummed up and problems multiply. The diagnosis was for new turbocharger housings and a solvent bath for the aftercoolers, after which they were to receive a coat of paint....

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A & B Marina In Key West Bight

In this small harbor, there are four marinas to choose from. There is Conch Harbor, Key West City Marina, The Galleon and A & B Marina. All four are unique in their own way, but all are expensive. The bottom line for us was that A & B gave a discount for an extended stay, plus they don't displace you for another customer coming in later. Once you are in, you're in. All of the boats are docked stern to, or with the back of the boat adjacent to a pier. There are pilings at the bow with only lines running between the boats to keep them apart. We have all of our fenders out. Not so much to protect our boat, but to protect the boats on either side of us...I don't want to have to pay to get them fixed if we bump into them. We are in some nice company. I think...

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Key West To Dry Tortugas

Our story picks up again on New Years Day. When we left Key West, we had no cell service or Internet once we passed Marquesas Key, so I couldn't post anything until now, which is January 9. Yesterday marked eight months of travel. I have some catching up to do. We finished washing Swing Set at the dock at Oceanside Marina on January 1, filled up our tanks with water and left the harbor to see what the conditions were like in the Hawk Channel. It was bumpy, and the prospect of getting salt spray all over the boat just after we washed it was not appealing to us. I turned the boat around and made for the Key West Yacht Club, where we wanted to get a pump out and then look for an anchorage in the area just east of Stock Island. The Key West Yacht Club is very nice, but...

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A Perfect New Years Eve, Almost

During another restless night on the hook, just west of Fleming Key, Rosie and I slept in the salon: I on the couch and Rosie on the dinette. Holly bunked with Rosie, but during the night, she snuck away and climbed up with me. I was oblivious to her climbing up with me on the couch, so any "anchor watch" I was engaged in was of no value. It didn't matter. Our auxiliary anchor (which is a Danforth) kept us in place, mainly because the wind blew at a constant rate from the north and east. The fact that I dove down on the anchor and shoved it in past the grass and into the sand was the only reason that this anchor held. Yes, James, these anchors do have their use, as long as your boat doesn't change direction over them. On New Years Eve morning, I called The...

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A Hostile Environment

On Friday morning, we called a taxi and made the trip up the Overseas Highway to the Marathon Veterinary Hospital to see Dr. Molly. She gave Holly the "all clear" on her ear infection. Holly's next vet visit will be for her next rabies shot on March 1st, so whatever we do, we will have that fact governing our travels. We called the taxi for the trip back and had to wait for about 20 minutes. When the taxi arrived, we jumped in the back and away we went. A $5 taxi ride in the Keys does not always take you directly where you want to go; there may be other stops for other passengers, so we weren't surprised to take a detour to pick up another fare in a neighborhood just off the highway, where a young girl jumped in the front passenger seat. Holly took all of...

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