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Thinking About Friends and Family

We meet lots of people on our travels, and sometimes we wonder if we can develop a friendship with them or not. We have met some of the same people multiple times along the way, but so far, we’ve just enjoyed their company, or not, while we were with them, and let it go at that, with no further expectations. Take the woman we met at the library yesterday, Karen. Karen volunteers at the library on Mondays. She and her husband, Clive, have lived in Georgetown for 27 years. They came here when things were much simpler, and cheaper, before the big resorts came in and raised prices, and each little chicken shack restaurant raised them in kind, wanting to cash in on the quick buck, but making things difficult for the locals. Karen also blames the “outsiders” for...

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Georgetown Bar & Restaurant Guide

We’re settling into life here in Elizabeth Harbour. Although there are very few cruisers here at the moment, there are enough of them and other visitors to make things at least a little interesting. Hundreds of boats are here in the winter, we hear, because the weather is warm, but we have found adversely, that many of the home owners and regular cruisers come here in the summer, too, because the temperatures are milder than in other parts of the southern U.S. We have been enjoying temperatures in the high 70s at night and the low 80s during the day. A nice combination. Yes, summer is hurricane season. We are reminded of that fact occasionally, the latest being Topical Depression Dorian, which is currently fizzling out, if not diminishing altogether. Once we...

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Just Living LIfe

We cooked our Almaco Jack last Friday night, deep fried in Andy's Seasoning, and served it up with macaroni and cheese and a side salad. The meat of the fish tasted like tuna, but had a lighter color. The few bones were easily picked out, and we had enough from the fish for two meals. I'd call it a success, but don't want to add up what it really cost to catch and eat the thing. Livin' off da fat of da land! My blog posts look different, and there aren't pictures. There is a good reason. Last month, I used up our monthly data transfer allowance of 800 megabytes in less than five days. This prevented us from using our desktop computer for some very important personal business that we had to address with one of our insurance companies. I'm not going to let...

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Back to Elizabeth Harbour And Georgetown

Elizabeth Harbour was a welcome sight. As we motored into the inlet, my mind was filled with several things, like what kind of fish was it that we had in our cooler? How was I going to untangle the bird's nest I'd created of my new fishing reel? And, why did I waste all of our ice and most of our vodka on a damn fish? Clavon was happy to see us at the Exuma Yacht Club. While we were fueling up, I showed him our fish after making him promise not to laugh. A couple other boat owners came over to take a look. No one knew what I had caught. Two guesses were that I had in our possession, a bonita, or some kind of jack, whatever that is. I asked Clavon if it was good for eating, and his answer of "Not sure, mon," didn't give me much hope for us in eventually...

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Fish On...Yes, Really!

On Wednesday morning, we were lounging around having our second cup of coffee, discussing whether or not we wanted to spend another day in Calabash Bay. On one hand, we felt there were still some folks at the resort that we wanted to inflict ourselves upon, but on the other hand, I wanted to change out our raw water impeller and thought that changing it in Georgetown was a good idea, in case something unusual came up. We both were in agreement that we wanted to get back to the resources available to us in Elizabeth Harbour, so Rosie began to get the bridge and cabin prepared for departure, and I hauled up the dinghy and secured it to the davits. I had routed a course that would keep us in protected waters along the banks of Long Island, until we could turn due west where the wind...

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